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What Areas of My Life Will Benefit from a Dunedin Personal Trainer?

Most people equate personal training with exercise. Exercise is usually equated with fat loss or muscle building. According to our math at Generation Fit, that means people identify personal training with fat loss and muscle building, which is true. However, that equation comes up short when evaluating the total benefits of working with a personal trainer. At Generation Fit, classes with certified trainer, Moh Koutouby, will positively affect more than just your fat content. Here are just some of the areas where a Dunedin personal trainer will benefit your life.

That Bod

Let’s get to the obvious one, your physical fitness. Moh is a trainer that has a robust set of experiences as a personal trainer, including working with bodybuilders, strongman competitors, and power lifters. Whatever your starting point and your physique, Moh will be able to design a regimen that will help advance your fitness goals. You can see this in our weight loss testimonials.

Moh will create programs that work on both aerobics and muscle-building, for fitness and aesthetic. The best thing is, once you have completed a few personal training sessions, you will have all the tools to maintain your fitness moving forward.

Mental Health

Now that we’re past the physical benefits of personal training, we can touch on its lesser-known mental health benefits. Studies have shown that exercise is as effective as prescription medication for treating depression, without the side-effects. Exercise also hold tremendous value for combatting anxiety and stress. This is mainly due to the release of endorphins that are triggered by exercise, also lifting the mood.

While frequent exercise is recommended, even a session or two at Generation Fit can help benefit your mental health. If you are someone with the demon of mental health on your shoulder, consider Generation Fit as a possible treatment.


Along the lines of mental health, working with a Dunedin personal trainer can help boost your confidence and self-esteem. While Generation Fit preaches self-confidence at all times, there’s no denying a fitter you can be a self-esteem booster. A study in Greece showed that exercise had a positive effect on both women’s and men’s self-esteem. Whether it is being able to fit in that college pair of jeans or enjoying a sense of achievement, there’s something about exercise that does wonders for you upstairs.


That’s right, Gen Fitters. Working with a Dunedin personal trainer can be great for you downstairs too. Now, we can’t promise you’ll have pickup lines rolling off your tongue, but we can say that exercise can pump a little vigor back in the bedroom. In a study conducted by Florida Atlantic University in 2008, men and women who exercised frequently were likelier to rate themselves higher in sexual performance and desirability. And we know how the mind is the ultimate aphrodisiac. It was later shown that physical activity can raise women’s sensitivity to touch and improve men’s sexual function.

On top of this, exercise releases endorphins which stimulate sex hormones and ready your body for sexual activity. Strength training specifically can directly influence the production of testosterone, the chemical responsible for arousal.

From a physiological and mental standpoint, personal training can be beneficial to your bedroom exercises. Just make sure you keep your stories to yourself in small group training.


After your workout, you’ll be thankful to be able to get quality shut-eye. Another one of the benefits of personal training is better sleep. A little exercise is shown to improve both the quality and duration of your sleep. Front loading your day with exercise can also help to reset your sleep-wake cycle so that it will trigger feelings of sleepiness at night. You will also lower your risk of developing sleep disorders with a regular fitness routine. You will be surprised at how well you sleep even after a couple sessions with a Dunedin personal trainer.


One of the perks you’ll receive working with Moh at Generation Fit is nutritional coaching. Our Dunedin personal trainer is a certified nutritionist and can advise you about proper dieting with your personal training plan. Your road to fitness isn’t paved with sit-ups and cheeseburgers. Moh will help teach you that weight loss is a two-pronged approach with a combination of exercise and diet, and most important, the foods and exercise to execute your fitness plan.

See Our Dunedin Personal Trainer at Generation Fit

As you can see, personal training is a lot more than weight loss specific. After working with Moh at Generation Fit, you’ll notice a ton of positive changes in your life from sleep to mental health to the bedroom. If you would like to see the life improvement our Dunedin personal trainer can take you to, please contact us.