Health Coaching

What is a health coach?


The term “health coach” is quickly spilling into the mainstream. Turn on your TV, pick up a magazine or take a look at health-oriented websites and you will likely see/hear this term. “Health coach” sounds interesting yet many people do not understand what these professionals actually do.

Health coaches are gaining prominence in gyms, spas, physician offices and other businesses throughout the United States. These individuals offer services that dietitians, physicians and nutritionists are not capable of providing or simply do not have the time to provide. Health coaches provide valuable insight on everything from nutrition to wellness and fitness.

Think of a health coach as an authority on wellness and a provider of essential support. This individual inspires clients to make the best possible health decisions. A health coach teaches clients about the nuances of healthy living and provides them with the support necessary to make their fitness/health goals a reality.


If you are like most people, you have stumbled when attempting to make major changes to your diet, exercise and lifestyle. The average person tries out diet fads and adopts new exercise routines only to end up back at square one after a few weeks or months. The assistance of a Generation Fit health coach can change these negative outcomes.

Moh is here to help Dunedin residents reach their health and fitness potential. Lean on your Generation Fit health coach to help you alter your diet, workout and lifestyle. In due time, you will make meaningful progress toward your health goals.

Moh is also available to help clients identify their body’s specific nutritional needs or “bio-individuality”. Perhaps you would like to lose some weight. Or, maybe you are on the prowl for a means of boosting your energy. Some Dunedin clients simply want to look and feel healthier. Let Moh analyze your body, health, exercise routine and nutritional intake. We will figure out a plan that propels you toward your goals.

Health coaches are expert listeners and genuinely care about the well-being of clients. Moh will help you pinpoint exactly why you are struggling, invest the time and effort necessary to figure out the proper nutritional intake for your unique body and get you on the path to health and happiness.


Moh Koutouby is here to boost your well-being rather than push a specific diet. Your health coach is a trusted friend who genuinely wants to help you reach your health and fitness potential. Allying with a health coach is your chance to obtain the nutritional and lifestyle guidance you have long-coveted. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by teaming up with Generation Fit!