One on One Training

Getting in the gym is a good thing. Stepping up your exercise even a few minutes a day gets you going in the right direction. Having a more thoughtful approach to one meal a day promotes a healthier lifestyle. At Generation Fit, we encourage fitness gains no matter how big or small. One person’s light workout is another person’s lifesaver. Whether it’s small group training, health coaching, or nutritional support, Moh Koutouby can help guide you to better fitness and lifestyle. Another service Moh provides is one on one personal training with his clients. It’s in the one on one dynamic where Moh’s personability and attention to his clients shine through. Here are just of the few benefits you can receive with such personalized training.


Think of working with Moh like getting tutored in fitness. As a multi-certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and life coach, your one on one workouts will be like receiving a fitness education. There are two primary reasons this is important:

  • The techniques to get to your goals
  • Minimizing the risk of injury

Exercise and fitness are sciences. There are college degrees and many professional certifications to qualify someone as a “fitness expert.” Don’t get downbeat on yourself if you’re not facing your personal fitness goals right now. There’s a huge learning curve that one on one personal training can help bridge.

There’s also the issue with the overeager gym-goer who tries to achieve results in ways that put his or her body at risk. Moh will help teach effective and safe methods to getting to your goals. You should think, sustainable fitness not cutting weight for the next wrestling match.


A huge part of protecting your body is correct form. If you go the average gym, it seems that everyone has their own interpretation of “correct.” Many times, people at the gym can “work hard” while not getting results. At Generation Fit, we can assure you that expending energy and a good workout aren’t necessarily the same thing. With Moh, you’ll be working with a fitness professional right by your side to oversee all your exercises. In one on one personal training, you’ll get the form training you need to reach your fitness goals without wasting energy.


This is perhaps the single greatest benefit of working with Moh on a one-to-one basis. If you have had any past injuries, special needs or concerns, you can voice them in one to one sessions. If during the course of a workout you’re not “feeling it” or a certain exercise induces pain, you can make adjustments then and there. Many times, larger classes are more rigid and pre-programmed. In a group setting, you may have to “sit out one” and miss something rather than catering a workout to the individual. In one on one personal training, you have the ultimate “reflexivity.” That is, Moh can act as a reflex to your needs in the moment, which is the best environment for fitness.


If something is wrong with your fitness routine, it can only be two things – expectations or performance. In personal training, Moh manages both. Even if you are a gym warrior, chances are you will hit plateaus and dips in your fitness journey. No one can expect a straight line of improvement the entire time toward their fitness goals. With Moh’s personal and professional experience, he can help set realistic goals for you so you don’t get disheartened and fall off your fitness pursuit.

If you’re working toward more targeted goals like a marathon or an exact weight loss, Moh can help you budget for those as well. Rather than taking a blind approach to your goals, one on one training will develop a framework for you to reach your goals.


With one on one attention, something you cannot escape is accountability. In a larger setting, there’s a diffusion of accountability if you skip a class or go half-hearted through a workout. That isn’t the case with one on one personal training. Over the course of the sessions, Moh will begin to know your fitness ins-and-outs and will have a plan personalized for you. With a plan in place designed around you, you’ll have the perfect setup to achieve your fitness goals. The only person that can be held accountable if you fail is the person looking back in the mirror.


One on one training is simply more efficient. How many times have you seen other people or you yourself go to the gym and do everything but work out? Whether it’s socializing, playing on your phone, or flitting your thumbs between sets, you’re losing workout efficiency. In group training, there are more bodies to round up and get prepared for class, while that can still be more efficient than without structure. In one on one workouts, the greatest amount of structure is put in place. You’re not waiting for machines or other group members. You may even take less time between sets. Whatever way you measure it, one on one personal training is hands down the most efficient way to reach fitness goals.


Moh is tuned into how fitness is more than just exercise. Fitness, like the term “health,” has many components. Exercise, sleep, and diet is just a few of the things that make up fitness and health. Moh has received extensive training on the holistic side of fitness and holds certifications in life coaching and nutrition. Instead of compartmentalizing the gym into just exercise, Moh really tries to instill that fitness is a lifestyle that includes things like mental health and nutrition. From a practical point of view, you’re getting better value for your money. Rather than hiring a nutritionist, life coach, and personal trainer, one on one personal training provides you with all those services.


How many times have you had your eye on a small group training but it’s hosted at a time that doesn’t work for you? Or, there’s a class that works with your schedule but it’s filled up? With one on one personal training, you won’t have to deal with these common frustrations. You work with Moh and Moh will work with you to hash out a schedule. As always, if you need to reschedule or change times, one on one training offers the greatest flexibility. Ther are no more excuses at Generation Fit. One on One classes come with the freedom to work with any schedule.


If you are in the Dunedin or surrounding areas and are looking to get fit, Moh and Generation Fit are the area’s best resource. Moh is a highly qualified personal trainer that’s in touch with his client’s needs. As someone who has experienced weight struggles himself, Moh is able to empathize with his clients for the best results in one one personal training. If you are ready to experience the life-changing benefits of Generation Fit, contact us today.