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    My name is Bill and I have been training with Moh at Generation Fit for 2 years now, when I first started I was overweight, tired, and weak. I smoked 2 packs a day, I drank at least 2 pots of coffee to get me through the day and that was barely helping. My stops to a fast food drive were a daily routine. I was the prime example of a walking heart attack waiting to happen. Fast forward 2 years; I'm 40 lbs lighter, I quit smoking for over a year, I eat all organic foods and I only drink a couple of cups of Joe because I mainly enjoy the taste of it. My energy levels are through the roof not to mention I have more muscle and strength than I've ever had in my life at age 50.

    Moh and the trainer staff at Generation Fit have not only the scientific knowledge to completely transform a human body into a hard, strong, fat burning machine they also have the psychological tact to push you just enough in the direction of success, no bullying or negative reinforcement is used but more of a positive attitude and supportive techniques. I love it here and I plan to stay fit for the rest of my life, I have never felt better in my life.
    Thank you Moh and Generation Fit for changing my life for the better!


    When I first decided to seek help, I had just for finished physical therapy that helped me treat my back, I had an extremely weak back and aching knees, there had to be a higher level of strength I thought to myself and I could attain that would make my life easier, if physical therapy helped to an extent then weight training would certainly take me to a better condition but I've never weight lifted, I was 69 years old at the time , old people don't lift weights I was thinking, I decided to sought out Moh from generation fit after he was recommended to me by my therapist. Several months had passed , I was blown away by the results, my back slowly had gotten stronger and stronger allowing me to perform tasks that I wouldn't have dreamed to think about doing, it allowed me to be active in the house, cleaning, take my care of my husband as he was ailing, ultimately picking my up 40 lbs of salt like it was nothing, and have boundless energy left over! Needless to say I became super lean and gained muscles I haven't had in my 20's. I still can't believe how good and strong I look and feel. Only training 3 times a week!! I have never had a set back or injury during the program, the fit transform program was carefully designed to accommodate not only my needs and wants but also all the limitations that I have. I don't believe in limitations anymore thanks to generation fit s program and Moh s expertise, I am still getting stronger and fitter at the age of 77 years old looking better than I looked in years! This is a lifestyle I intend to keep for life.

    Yolanda Kristiansen

    I own an AC company, I'm super busy, I was 220 lbs, fat, lazy, I had no muscles, my shoulder was injured from throwing a football! How embarrassing! My college soccer days were way behind me!

    I was not happy about my current situation. I decided to do something about it. That's when the met Moh and signed up for his fit transform program. 6 months later I'm 30 lbs leaner, more muscular, I was beginning the build my chest muscles! Even with my shoulder injury which improved dramatically! No set backs! No aggravation! Fast forward another 6 months now I'm 185 lbs of solid muscle, flat stomach, that's working out 90 minutes a week! Period! I didn't think it was possible but the program combined with a carefully designed meal plan is super effective plus it doesn't take 5 hours a week of gym time, I still have time for my business, my wife , and my little girls! I can maintain this program forever , it's realistic and effective. Now my dad is signed up and he lost 20 lbs, feels and looks fantastic, thank you generation fit and Moh for your expertise, motivation, and positive support. I couldn't have done it without you!

    Corey Okelley

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