30 minute workout

Get Motivated with a 30-Minute Workout and Playlist

Thirty minute workouts are popular for those on a time crunch. They’re also perfect if you’re looking to sneak in a quick lunch time workout, or you’re looking to make up for lost time at the gym.

The key to an effective 30 minute workout is its speed, effort and intensity. If you’ve only got 30 minutes to give, it’s best that you give it everything you’ve got. Keeping your heart rate up during your entire 30 minute workout is critical for best results; aim to keep it anywhere from 50-85% of your max heart rate, depending on the activity.

This 30 minute workout is so simple, all you need is your body weight and enough room to move around. If you have a few items on hand such as a basketball, all the better. Follow this simple routine to get in a quick 30 minute workout — and you thought you didn’t have time.

Try this 30 Minute Workout

1:00 – Start with some push ups, ensuring that you’re executing proper form. This super simplistic exercise activates nearly 100 muscles, so drop to the floor and give as many as you can. You can make this exercise more challenging by placing one hand on a basketball and switching between reps.

1:00 – Next, find a couple of sturdy chairs or a workout bench. Get in a dip position and push off of your bench, remembering to push from your core and your glutes. Support yourself only with your hands.

2:00 – It’s time to get some cardio in this workout, and there’s no better way to do it than running in place. This can be done as a quick run around the block outside or on a small/mini treadmill.

1:00 – Now you’re ready for some planks. Planks work almost your entire body, engaging your core in particular. You can also try some walking planks, or stay on the ground and try to balance your feet on a basketball.

1:00 – The next step is to dip into some lunges. Don’t let your front knee go over your toes. You can make this move super hard by jumping up as you alternate legs.

2:00 – Next is 2 minutes of jumping jacks for your next dash of cardio. Keep your heart rate up and focus on intensity.

1:00 – Find a sturdy tree branch or another elevated object that can support your body weight. Do as many pull ups as you can for 1 minute.

1:00 – Finish off the last leg of your circuit with some bicep curls. Your adjustable dumbbells will work perfect for this, as you can increase your weight as you get stronger.

5:00 – It’s time to wrap it all together now, and try to do as many push ups, dips, planks, lunges, crunches, pull ups, and bicep curls as you can within a 5 minute period.

Bonus Round: Intense Cardio Blast

If that 30 minute workout didn’t tire you out, try out this intense cardio blast. It focues on your legs and combines cardio and weight lifting.

Power Jump Squats

Power Jump Squats target your legs, inner thighs, and your abs. This intense leg workout is an explosive movement that will have your legs feeling like rubber by your last rep. There’s no need for additional weights for this move; your own bodyweight is all that you need.

To execute:

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and your toes pointing outward. Bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Once you’re in position, explosively jump back up to your starting position. Repeat for one minute.

Straight Leg Deadlifts

We’re incorporating some of your upper body in this intense leg workout, but your legs will certainly feel the burn. The Straight Leg Deadlift targets your lower back, hamstrings, and glutes. You’re also getting a bonus workout for your traps.

To execute:

Using an overhand grasp, grab the bar while it rests on the floor in front of you. Stand straight up with your knees slightly bent, bringing the bar to knee height. Keeping your knees stationary and your back straight the entire time, slowly lower the bar down over your feet while bending at the hips. You should feel a slight stretch in your hamstring; be careful not to stretch it too far. Return to standing position to complete the rep.

Barbell Step Ups

Barbell Step Ups is another intense leg workout that is similar to a lunge, but the extra weight of the barbell provides an added challenge. The Barbell Step Up also requires good balance and coordination, so stay focused as you execute the move. This exercise focuses on your quads, calves, and glutes.

To execute:

With your barbell held across your back, stand straight while looking straight a head. Step one leg up onto an elevated platform, such as a weight bench. Once you catch your balance, step back down and repeat with the opposite leg. To maintain stress on your quads, push through your heels while stepping up.

Dumbbell Overhead Bulgarian Split Squat

To wrap up your intense leg workout, incorporate the Dumbbell Overhead Bulgarian Split Squat. This leg exercise is a challenge of both balance and strength.

To execute:

Grasping a light dumbbell with one hand, bring one leg back behind with the top of your toes pushing into the top of the bench. Bring the dumbbell straight above your head. With your opposite leg, bend your knee straight toward the floor. Once the front of your thigh is parallel to the floor, press back off the floor with your same foot into the starting position. This concludes one rep.

With every intense leg workout in this series, you’ll blast right through your reps with leg power you never knew you had.

30 minute workout

Power Workout Music Mix to Get You Pumped

There’s nothing quite like an awesome playlist to get you completely pumped for your workout. Working out with music can be quite motivating, and studies show that music has physiological impacts on the body during exercise. Music can affect your heart rate and respiratory system, runner’s gait, endurance performance and much more. We’ve put together a workout music mix to jam to while you lift or run that’ll really get your blood flowing.

Workout Music Mix: Metal Edition

Looking for something fast and aggressive while you lift heavy or do hard cardio? This workout music mix has you covered.

  • All That Remains – Two Weeks
  • All That Remains – Six
  • Avenged Sevenfold – Bat Country
  • Black Label Society – Stillborn
  • Drowning Pool – Full Circle
  • Drowning Pool – Bodies
  • Drowning Pool – Sinner
  • Five Finger Death Punch – Meet the Monster
  • Five Finger Death Punch – House of the Rising Son
  • Five Finger Death Punch – Lift Me Up
  • Hell Yeah – Demons in the Dirt
  • Hell Yeah – Drink Drank Drunk
  • Killswitch Engage – My Curse
  • Killswitch Engage – This is Absolution
  • Killswitch Engage – Eye of the Storm
  • Sevendust – Praise
  • Sevendust – Enemy
  • Sevendust – Decay
  • Sevendust – Black Out The Sun
  • Staind – Mudshovel

Workout Music Mix: Rap Rundown

If heavy music isn’t your thing, check out this rap workout music mix. It’ll get your heart pumping and it’s perfect for fast cardio like running and kickboxing.

  • 2 Chainz – Spend it
  • Danny Brown – Dip
  • Danny Brown – Handstand
  • DMX – Bring the Noize
  • DMX – Where the Hood at
  • French Montana – Don’t Panic
  • Juvenille – Gotta Get It
  • Juvenile – U Understand
  • Kevin Gates – Again
  • Kid Ink – Bad Ass
  • Lil Jon – Bia’ Bia’
  • Lil Jon – Turn Down For What
  • Lil Wayne – This is the Carter
  • Ludacris – Get Back
  • Mike Jones – Drop & Gimme 50
  • Tech N9ne – Einstein
  • Trick Daddy – What’s Happnin!
  • Trick Trick – Welcome to Detroit
  • Twista – 6 Rings
  • Twista feat. Tech N9ne – Crisis
  • Yo Gotti – Errbody

Workout Music Mix: Tech Tunes

For those who are into a little house and techno, here are some fun songs to power you through your workout.

  • Chromeo – Come Alive
  • Basement Jaxx – Never Say Never
  • Basement Jaxx – Unicorn
  • Daft Punk – Get Lucky
  • Deadmau5 – Sofi Needs a Ladder
  • Junkie XL – Cities in Dust
  • The Chemical Brothers – Do it Again
  • The Chemical Brothers – The Boxer


Your exercise routine will go to the next level with this awesome workout music of metal, rap and techno.

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