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5 Questions You Should Ask to Find the Best Personal Trainer in Dunedin

Think of working with a personal trainer like applying to different jobs. You shouldn’t accept the first offer without proper due diligence. Finding a personal trainer is the same. In one on one sessions, you spend your hard-earned money with the assumption you will get the results you want and deserve. To help you out, Generation Fit compiled a list of questions for you to determine who is the best personal trainer in Dunedin.

Where do you keep your certs?

As we discussed in How to Find a Personal Trainer that Fits You, the first question you want to ask your trainer is, where do you keep your professional certifications? A well-qualified trainer will hold certifications from agencies like the American Council of Exercise, National Academy of Sports Medicine, and National Strength and Conditioning Association. At Generation Fit, Moh Koutouby is a personal trainer in Dunedin who holds many professional certifications, including nutrition and strength building.

Is this a side-gig?

Many times, you’ll find alleged personal trainers that earn online certifications and train as a part-time job. You will want to stay clear of these trainers. Personal training is a science that can’t be learned in your spare time. A few positive signs may include:

  • College Degree in Exercise Science
  • Past professional experience with an athletic organization
  • Full-time work and full list of clients
  • Length of time they have been professionally certified
  • Number and range of professional certifications

Unless you want to take a risk, you’ll want to choose someone with a history of experience, not the guy out of his garage that’s into a new fad.

At Generation Fit of Dunedin, Moh has been a certified personal trainer for years, training Strongman, bodybuilding, and powerlifting champions before opening Gen Fit. He has a wealth of professional certifications and a full list of clients across demographics. Generation Fit isn’t his side-gig; it’s his passion.

What would you do for me if I was your client?

A less experienced personal trainer might respond in knee-jerk fashion. Something like, I’ll make you look like Superman or Wonder Woman. A more experienced personal trainer will throw the ball back into your court. They might say, “What do you want for yourself?”

A personal trainer cannot make promises without first understanding their clients. Are you looking for weight loss, muscle tone, muscle mass, better cardio, etc…? You should also be wary if your trainer seems to have a predetermined fitness plan before even meeting you. Truly, personal training is client-centered. If you feel that isn’t the case, it may be the time to look elsewhere.

Do you do the workouts yourself?

While you can’t expect your trainer to go pound-for-pound with you during your workout, you should expect that they can demonstrate and understand the exercises they draw up for you. Ideally, your personal trainer will have either practiced or implemented a workout plan with other clients before you. The last thing you want is for your trainer to design a workout plan based on his magazine subscription. Make sure they can “lift” what they preach.

Do you have any testimonials?

Perhaps the best gauge of a personal trainer is their previous clients. What are their reviews like? What do people who have taken classes say? If the training sessions are at a gym, what do the employees say?

A personal trainer with raving reviews is likely to carry that consistency into your workout plan. If you see positive feedback from clients from different genders, shapes, goals, then you can feel confident a trainer will lead you to better fitness.

At Generation Fit, we have a page dedicated to our testimonials. What’s important, is that we have reviews from a cross-section of members, of different ages, gender, and ability. Moh is able to be so effective because he works with clients based on their individual needs. Moh is a personal trainer in Dunedin that doesn’t come with a pre-prescribed approach. At Generation Fit, the client sets the bar.

Find answers with the best personal trainer in Dunedin

We hope this page will inform your decision as you look for a personal trainer in Dunedin. Now, you’re equipped with a game plan for your personal trainer search and have some more information about Generation Fit. If you think that our Dunedin personal trainers could be the solution for your fitness needs, please contact us today.