Why Moh is the Best Personal Fitness Trainer in Dunedin

Why Moh is the Best Personal Fitness Trainer in Dunedin

If you are looking for a personal fitness trainer in Dunedin, look no further, Moh Koutouby is a highly respected generation fit personal fitness trainer in Dunedin and here are six reasons why.

One on One Program Development

Moh works with clients one on one. Moh will work personally with you to help you develop the body and the strength that you desire. Working with a personal trainer gives you leverage both at the gym and at home when it comes to fending off fat and having the body you want. Through the use of a personal fitness trainer in Dunedin you will have access to more than just specially tailored workouts. You will have a coach, a cheerleader, and someone to guide on choices to be making while you are on your own.

Inspiration You Need From Someone That Cares

Moh is hugely passionate about physical and mental health, that is why he got into the personal training business. Moh loves working with people and helping them to find better ways to live their lives. People have said that working with Moh is a life-changing experience and highly recommend him to their family and friends. One thing that people love about Moh is that when he is working with you, he is focused entirely on you and your success. He will help you to keep your goals and celebrate with you when you achieve them.

Personal Trainers Make Working Out Easier

People that have a personal fitness trainer in Dunedin find that their workouts are much easier than the ones they were trying to keep up with on their own. Often times people will go to a random website or a YouTube video for workout advice, this advice may not be tailored to your body type or abilities. Working with a personal fitness trainer in Dunedin will give you access to exercises that are appropriate for where you are currently at in your fitness training.

Learning How to Exercise Properly

A personal fitness trainer in Dunedin will show you the proper ways to lift weights and help to correct walking or jogging gates that may be causing you harm. Moh believes that you should not be scared of the free weights or be running outside, it is just a matter of learning to do it correctly.


According to Moh, doing a range of exercises over a period not only makes working out less tedious, but it is better for building muscle and long-lasting weight loss. When you change up your routine, you exercise different aspects of muscle groups, and this creates stronger muscles as a result. The stronger your muscles are, the more calories you burn, and the more weight is lost.

If you are convinced that Moh, the best personal fitness trainer in Dunedin, is right for you, visit the Generation Fit website and give us a call to set up your free consultation appointment today (813)340-3008!