holiday pounds

Shedding Those Holiday Pounds

Get Those Holiday Pounds Off Quickly to Avoid Them Sticking Around

It is a tale as old as time… those holiday pounds most people put on between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. And while you’re at it, you may as well include Halloween. Now, if you aren’t careful, you have two full months and a few days to pack on holiday pounds. So, what is your plan to shed those holiday pounds, so they don’t stay too long?

Begin the Season with a Plan

As the decorations go up, the advertising begins, and the comforts of decadent goodies are waved in our wanting eyes repeatedly. After all, it is the holiday season. Right? The challenge Generation Fit wants to place before you is to consider each holiday as a single day or two, rather than two months of “food, glorious food.”

holiday pounds

So, here is the plan…

Take each holiday and treat it as a single meal.

Rather than viewing the entire October 31 – January 1 as a season, break it up into individual “cheat meals.” Here is how it would look.

Halloween: What’s your poison? Is it a witches’ brew alcoholic beverage? Or maybe it’s the candy corns or the chocolate. No matter your choice, try to limit it to one of the “cheats.” Have the chocolate, drink the drink, but pick your poison and don’t have any lingering around the next day.

Now, you can stay on a healthy eating schedule until the next holiday…

Thanksgiving: What are you most thankful for? Is it the mashed potatoes and gravy? Perhaps it is the desserts. Listen, it is really the entire meal, right? So enjoy the meal… but again, make it the one meal. And maybe you can go for a nice long walk after. Just try to keep the meals before and after clean and healthy.

Alright, back on the plan until the December festivities begin.

Christmas Parties: Well, Christmas parties are sort of their own mini holidays. And you can’t be rude to the hostess, right? Let’s just remember you have more holidays coming. So limit your choices at the party and try not to overindulge. If you know the hostess is famous for their red velvet cake, choose healthier appetizers and go ahead and have the slice. It is all about each little choice you make.

Christmas: So the big day is here, or should I say the eve and the day are here. What’s a person to do? Again, you have a meal at each relative’s house and every gathering. Our suggestion is to pace yourself. Pick the most essential “cheat” food at each gathering and stick to that one attempting to make good choices on the other items you place on the plate.

Day after recovery is critical here. Drink lots of water to flush away all those choices you made and eat clean for the next week. We have one more holiday to make it through.

New Year’s Eve and Day: Have you made a resolution for the new year? Well, tonight is not the night to blow it out of the water. If you have been relatively good all season, why stop now? Keep to your favorite cheat item for the New Year’s Eve celebration and clean up your routine the next day.

holiday pounds

Shedding the Holiday Pounds You Did Gain

Good job! You followed the plan above and only gained a couple of pounds. So, what do you do now?

  1. Set a realistic goal to get the weight off. Maybe a pound a week is your pace. You’ve got this.
  2. Increase your water intake. During the holidays we get so busy, most people forget to keep the water consumption up. Let’s ramp that back up.
  3. Cut beverage calories by lightening up your coffee order to low fat and sugar-free options. Dilute your OJ with a bit of water and avoid mixers in alcoholic beverages.
  4. Add a new exercise to your workout plan or start a program if you don’t have one.
  5. Increase your steps by parking further away or walking and biking to stores if you can. And try taking the stairs rather than the escalator or elevator.
  6. Look up new recipes to put a bit of excitement into your meal plan. Try a vegetarian meal once a week, add more green vegetables, eliminate processed foods, and keep it whole and clean.
  7. Decrease your portions. A good idea is to use a smaller plate for w while to train your brain and tummy to eat a bit less.

Finally, consider talking with a dietician and fitness trainer.

shedding holiday pounds

Let Generation Fit Help You Get Those Holiday Pounds Off for Good.

There are all sorts of tips to shedding unwanted pounds; we could go on forever. But, if you are really serious about changing your fitness and shedding weight, contact the experts at Generation Fit before the holiday season is over!