Personal Fitness Training in Dunedin Florida

Personal Fitness Training in Dunedin Florida

When it comes to personal fitness training in Dunedin, residents need to know all the benefits they can get. Working with a personal trainer will accelerate fat loss and muscle building. But, those are just a couple of the benefits you get when you work with a personal trainer like Moh Koutouby. You can enjoy those benefits for the rest of your life.

Improved Physical Fitness

The trainer will assess your current level of fitness and talk to you about what you want to accomplish when it comes to physical fitness. Then he will design a regimen that will advance your level of fitness and set you on the way to meeting your goals.

Moh has a wealth of experience working with power lifters and body builders at different stages of training. That experience comes out with every interaction with a student. After just a few sessions, the regimen and Moh’s coaching, you will have everything you need to keep moving towards your fitness goals.

Improve Mental Health

When you exercise, your body releases a wealth of hormones, including endorphins which help you feel good. This is just of the many ways exercise benefits your mental health.

Numerous studies have verified the strong link between exercise and good mental health. In fact, regular exercise is as effective at treating depression than prescription medications. Plus, it has none of the side effects. Doctors will often recommend exercise as the first line of treatment for both anxiety and depression.

Just a couple of sessions with a trainer will give you a sharp mental boost. Investing in a personal trainer can get depression and anxiety on their way out.

Improve Confidence and Self-Esteem

Personal trainers will tell you an under-reported benefit is a boost to your confidence and self-esteem. One study in Greece showed that exercise will boost the self-esteem of both men and women. It may be something as simple as fitting into jeans you wore in your early 20s or just the joy in reaching a weight-lifting goal.

Improve Your Sex Life

When you are in good physical condition, you can be sure your fun in the bedroom will be better as well. Working with a Dunedin personal trainer like Moh will give you more vigor and make you more in the mood. Florida Atlantic University conducted a study back in 2008. They found that people who exercised frequently rated themselves higher in desirability and sexual prowess.

Exercise releases endorphins into the bloodstream, which stimulates the sexual response. Strength training, in particular, triggers the production of testosterone, making it easier for men to become aroused.

Improved Sleep

One of the lesser known benefits of personal fitness training Dunedin residents need to know is that, for most people, regular exercise improves quality of sleep. Even a small amount of exercise can improve how long you sleep and how well you sleep. If you have trouble feeling sleepy at night, an exercise in the morning can actually help you get to sleep easier.

Regular exercise will lower the risk of developing a sleep disorder later in life. If you want to start sleeping better, schedule a couple of sessions with Moh.

Improved Diet

Okay, exercising will not directly improve your diet. But, working with a personal trainer like Moh will. Moh is a certified nutritionist who can develop a healthy eating plan to go along with your personal training regimen. That way, you can get the nutrition and energy you need to work on your physical fitness while losing weight at the same time.