Finding a Personal Fitness Trainer in Dunedin

Finding a personal fitness trainer in Dunedin worth his or her keep is more challenging than most assume. There are plenty of people willing to take your money for workout guidance, but finding the right fit with an experienced personal trainer might prove to be a bit difficult. Here is a look at how to go about your search for the best personal fitness trainer in Dunedin.

Look for the Right Fit

Take some time to search for a personal fitness trainer in Dunedin who is a match for your physical fitness aims as well as your personality. If you do not get along, you won’t look forward to your workout sessions and you won’t give it your all during those sessions. You should respect and trust this individual. More importantly, you should feel comfortable around him or her. If the personal trainer seems too advanced or impatient for you, move on to another who is willing to help clients in all physical conditions.


Too many people overlook the importance of availability when searching for a personal fitness trainer. If your trainer is rarely available or makes it difficult to fit in your sessions, you will find it awfully difficult to get in shape. The best personal trainers are willing to work within the constraints of your schedule to help you build the body you deserve. Do not accept anything less. You should be treated as a valuable client who deserves a proper time slot.

A Shared Commitment to Your Goals

Communicate your goals to prospective personal trainers. Consider their feedback. If some state your aims are attainable within the time frame you have designated while others question if it is possible, opt for the trainer with the positive outlook. The trainer you select should push you hard so you can reach the goal both of you believe to be within reach. Make the most of your sessions do not cancel with regularity and your personal trainer will value your commitment that much more. This is the motivation and guidance you need to push your body to its potential.


The trainer must be willing to work within your limitations. If you are not capable of performing certain exercises or dread specific exercises, let your personal trainer know. He or she should adjust the workout regimen accordingly to account for your concerns. An elite personal trainer will also use information about your limitations to help you define goals that are within reach in the time frame you have in mind. The best trainers are also willing to go outside of the box and help you take advantage of new fitness trends and technology.


Consider the personal trainer’s experience, training, and education. If the trainer lacks qualifications, has minimal or no references and/or reviews, there is a good chance you have an amateur on your hands. Consider professional certifications, college degrees in related fields, and other credentials when making your decision. Ideally, the personal trainer you select will participate in continuing education to stay up to date on the latest advances in the field of fitness. Be sure to take a look at the online reviews as well. The feedback from current and former clients will help you gauge the personal trainer’s legitimacy and merit.

Get in Shape at Generation Fit

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