How to Prepare Your Summer Workouts

Get your summer workouts ready now!

Summer’s just around the corner and you’re probably more than ready to change up your workout. Better weather could mean getting active outdoors, but before you rush off into things, you need to plan ahead. From personal fitness training to health coach services, there are several tools you can use to get ready for those sizzling summer workouts the right way.

Here’s how to prepare your summer workouts for the best results while keeping your safety in mind.

Ease into things with help from a personal trainer

If you’ve been more sedentary during the winter months, don’t rush into strenuous physical activity. Don’t expect your body to be happy or forgiving if you go from couch to strenuous hiking overnight. You might want to start with some gentle walking and stretches, then add longer walks to build up your endurance.

The same goes for cycling–consider taking an indoor cycling class to get your muscles ready to tackle cycling on paths and trails. One on one personal training can be a great way to prepare your body for summer workouts. A skilled, knowledgeable trainer will help you prepare safely so you get more benefit and less strain from your summer workouts.

Don’t forget about nutrition

Summer barbecues, parties, and other celebrations can seriously undermine your hard work. Not eating enough–or the right kinds of foods–can be just as bad. Summer is full of temptations in the form of food and drinks, and if you’re not careful, you can lose your motivation after a few poor choices. Working with a health coach or nutritionist for nutritional support can help you choose wisely all summer long.

Along with your nutritional choices, you must remember to hydrate properly. Working out in the summer heat means you’ll lose a lot more water than you would during cooler months. Remember to bring plenty of water on your hikes, cycle rides, and other outdoor summer workouts.

It’s important to recognize the signs of dehydration–dizziness, rapid heartbeat, confusion, lack of energy, shallow breathing–so you can stay healthy. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink, and don’t forget to replace lost electrolytes by sipping on something like coconut water, which is low in sugar but full of the nutrients your body needs.

Pack healthy snacks if you’ll be hiking, cycling, or doing any other outdoor activity for an extended period. It can be tempting to just eat salty snacks like chips and pretzels, but these are full of empty calories and the high salt content can dehydrate you more quickly. Nuts, granola bars, and fruit are all great snacks for outdoor summer workouts.

Practice sun safety

All too often, the excitement of getting outside for your workouts can make you forget to be ‘sun aware.’ Sure, it’s great to get a little Vitamin D after long winter months of indoor exercise, but don’t forget your sunscreen! A sunburn can make your next workout miserable and too much exposure to the sun can have serious consequences. Premature aging, skin marks, and even skin cancer are very real dangers, so be sure to wear a high SPF factor sunscreen when exercising outdoors.

Whenever possible, plan outdoor summer workouts for the coolest hours of the day. This may mean early morning or late evening, depending on your schedule. Not only will this keep you out of the sun during the most dangerous hours, but it will also help with avoiding overheating and potential sunstroke.

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